Construction Team Roles

Construction Team Roles

No 1 cares for a project as much as the owner does. As someone who pays for all the expenses the one whose vision is behind the project he should take up the role of a leader. No matter how many people you hire for their services you cannot delegate the responsibility of a leader to someone else and achieve results that you seek.

As an owner and user it is ultimately your decision as to what material to use, how much to spend and who to hire for each set of work. However, you can give these responsibilities to other consciously or subconsciously but you can’t expect the workmanship at desired price and there is always a risk of quite the opposite happening.

Though some of us do have talent, taste, time and interest to handle many aspects of a project, but most of them will still want to collaborate with others on certain prospects of the project. This may not be what you wish but surely help a lot. Let’s see how to select you team members and work in total harmony.


The Tasks and Team Members

In order to successfully complete a construction project you require a number of people working on specific tasks. There are a number of different ways in which a job can be performed by various people. Like an architect can also work as a contractor and project supervisor if needed. These are the different consultants that you want on your project.


Generally a number of small housing projects are not designed by architects, rather by the owners themselves or engineers and contractors. They have such hand-on experience to handle small scale projects.


He/she will provide you with the set of drawings as per requirement. Supervise your project if needed partly or till finishing. You can hire them for all aspects of a project or for specific services that they offer.

General Contractors:

A building contractor is generally assigned in case of medium or large scale project. He enters into a contract with the client and takes full responsibility to complete the work on time with specifications for the bid price.

Construction Manager:

A construction manager is generally required on a large scale project but seeing today’s scenarios they are required even for small projects. Their job is to oversee the construction process for the owner and check for any misconduct. He is generally paid hourly or flat fee to make sure that on site construction goes as planned.

You can definitely save a large sum of money by being your own contractor or designer, however, it accompanies with risks, time commitments and difficulties in construction procedure. An owner definitely needs to supervise his project since no one else can do it better, but there are certain things that should better be left at the hands of an expert. So take time and decide if it’s worth saving a few pennies now spend much more later.

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