Construction Project Management Plan

Construction Project Management Plan

While getting your house built there are some key tasks to perform and people which will be most suitable to perform it. To supervise and lead your construction work you have to have a thorough idea of all these. Below is the list of such tasks.


You will most likely need to borrow money from a bank for your project or even if you are paying from your own pocket, you will require a set of drawing and a detail budget in order to release funds as the work progresses. You may also borrow money from certain private money lenders.


Starting from your vision to final blueprints, plumbing and electrical layouts, interior and exterior detail, material specifications, interior layouts etc. you need your idea on a set of drawings and well written specs to get permits and guide construction of your project. You would primarily need an architect to cater to such needs. However, a draft person or design-building contractor can also be hired for such jobs this will also cut on your cost.


Project cost estimations is required to get the contractors bidding and also to provide to the bank for loan. Material cost, labor and machinery cost is included in it. An architect or construction manager will give you a general estimation however, what actually matters are the numbers that the contractor provides.

Contract and Negotiation:

When working with a contractor or an architect they will probably use a standard construction and design contract. You may also get your contract drafted by a lawyer. That being said, you must keep an open eye as most contracts favor one party more than the other.


Before clearing the land or start building you will need your permissions from the municipal authorities. The costs may vary on different types of permits and laws and also the place where you want to construct. You, your architect or your contractor will obtain the permits from the authority.

Project Management:

This being the most significant task involves ordering of materials, supervising construction, scheduling vendors, maintaining quality checks, coordinating with various people involved in the project. He resolves on site and off site conflicts. One construction manager may look over one large project at a time or several small homes.


After all the planning, estimating, budgeting and permits the actually construction starts. You can hire carpenters and subcontractors separately or a single construction company to do the job.

Depending on the size of project and construction scale architect, design-contractor, builders, Construction managers, subcontractors are someone that you will have to keep constant tabs with. In order to get approvals and getting building constructing timely with ease the people that you have to keep out an eye for are loan officers, insurance agents and building inspectors from designated authorities. There are number of vendors and suppliers associated with different prospects of construction work who you will want to consult for specific jobs.  A thorough knowledge of the works done during and before construction and people to be appointed will spare you a lot of hassle later.

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